Place Anywhere Mod v1.4 for FS 19
Place Anywhere Mod v1.4 for Farming Simulator 19 - Main Screenshot
Version: 1.4
Mod Category: Scripts
Mod Author: scfmod

Place Anywhere Mod is one of the most useful modifications for FS 19. Its unique feature is that after installing it, you can place any building anywhere on your farm.

Moreover, new buildings can be placed even inside other buildings!

How to control the Place Anywhere mod?

  • Key “8” – Turns on the land ownership check. To place a building, you must be the owner of the plot!
  • The “0” key is responsible for enabling/disabling terrain deformation. By default this feature is enabled.

Installing the mod in FS 19:

  1. Download the archive with the mod from the link below.
  2. Copy the archive to the address “Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator19/mods“.
  3. Open Farming Simulator 19 and activate the mod before the start mission.

If you are not satisfied with the terrain deformation prices, they can be easily changed by editing the PlaceAnywhere.lua file, which is located in the archive of the mod.

To do this, find the following line: PlacementScreenController.DISPLACEMENT_COST_PER_M3 = 1; and change the value in it. (The original cost is 50).

To change the cost of landscaping, find and change the value in the line “Landscaping.SCULPT_BASE_COST_PER_M3 = 1;” (the original value is also 50).

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