Enhanced Vehicle v1.6.4.1 for FS 19
Enhanced Vehicle v1.6.4.1 for Farming Simulator 19 - Main Screenshot
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Mod Author: ZhooL

The Enhanced Vehicle mod greatly expands the possibilities of automobile transportation in the game. To be more precise, with this modification you can add differentials, several driving modes (drive selection) to cars.

There are also damage statistics, fuel level in the tank, fuel consumption meter, rev counter and engine temperature of your vehicle. You can also see the weight of the vehicle in the HUD.

Simply put, the Enhanced Vehicle mod for Farming Simulator 19 is an extremely useful addition to the game, which not only increases the possibilities of transport, thereby making the game easier and more interesting. But it also allows you to learn more details about the characteristics of a particular vehicle.

All these features of this add-on, make it extremely useful for any player. And especially if you play on very large maps and often use cars to move around the area. The mod will allow you to choose a more suitable car and customize it to your needs and use the appropriate modes of movement more effectively.

Control Enhanced Vehicle

Here we will describe the most common keyboard commands to control this mod. They are default when installing the mod. But you can change the hotkeys to your own in the settings.

  • Key / (?) – resets HUD positions. Useful if you have set incorrect parameters or accidentally deleted the contents of the XML configuration file
  • The combination of keys “Ctrl + Space” enables and disables shuttle-shift for the selected auto.
  • The “Space” key is used to change the shuttle direction.
  • The “*” key – allows you to reload the XML-config. It is very useful to use this function to save all changes without restarting the game.
  • Key “End” – toggles the parking brake.
  • KeyPad 7 – toggles the front axle differential lock.
  • KeyPad 8 also allows you to activate/deactivate the differential lock for the rear axle.
  • KeyPad 9 is used to switch wheel drive modes. 2 Modes: 4WD (all-wheel drive mode – 4×4), 2WD (rear or front wheel drive).

Important: If you have the VehicleControlAddon (VCA) modification by Mogli12, some elements in the HUD can be changed so that there is no conflict between one mod and another. The “KeyPad /” key returns everything to its original position.

The official site of the mod: GitHub

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